Drainage Gratings

Standard or bespoke, fabricated and perforated drainage gratings and ventilation grilles to suit all point and linear drainage applications

Drainage Gratings

For All Your Drainage Requirements

Jones of Oswestry drainage products are manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel, installed in prestigious projects throughout the United Kingdom over the last 50 years.

Manufactured in any shape and size, either straight or curved on plan, they can be designed to highlight and enhance a feature or to be inconspicuous and blend into the background.

Generally designed to comply with the requirements of the disability and discrimination act (DDA), they can also be combined or supplied with numerous accessories to fully satisfy the requirements of the designer.

Finished as standard with a Duragalv 70 post-galvanised finish, they can also be supplied with extra thick galvanising or in grade 304 or grade 316 stainless steel for extended lifespan.

Curved ventraflow drainage grating leading to Arborslot Tree surround
Our Innovations

Drainage Gratings

All of the products highlighted below can be combined to give the practicality of continued paving or slotted drainage with the aesthetically pleasing decorative feature of perforated ventraflow.


Aquadish hinged drainage gratings are fabricated with DDA compliant drainage slots and bespoke profiles to give point drainage in a run of dished drainage channels


Aquaslot recessed drainage gratings and frames enable paving to continue across the whole drainage area. Available in 3 standard designs with DDA compliant drainage slots for point drainage (DPB1) linear drainage with longitudinal slot (DPB2) and linear drainage with transverse slots (DPB3).


Supragrid drainage gratings and frames are available for use as point or linear drainage. Fabricated from hollow box section they are ideal for use in industrial applications where forklift trucks and heavier vehicles may have access.


Aquadrain hinged drainage gratings are fabricated with DDA compliant drainage slots and a flat top to give point drainage in a run of flat top drainage channels


Ventraflow perforated drainage gratings and frames are fabricated with DDA compliant drainage slots or laser cut bespoke patterns/perforations for decorative use as point or linear drainage


Supragrille gratings and frames incorporate standard mesh flooring therefore are suitable for lighter applications and ventilation purposes

Slot Drain

Slot Drain provides effective straight and curved on-plan hidden drainage by allowing the paving to be continued and butted straight up against the drainage slot. It can be interspersed with access points for rodding purposes.

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