Duragalv® sets the standard in Jones of Oswestry’s long crusade to promote higher specifications

Long Term Solutions

Explore A Range of Duragalv® coating options

introducing Duragalv® setting new standards that justify Jones of Oswestry’s long crusade to promote higher product specifications and longer-lasting galvanised coatings. The new range of Duragalv® coating options – 70, 100 and 140 allows the selection of an appropriate protection system to meet the different categories of atmospheric corrosivity across the UK.

These 5 categories are defined on the Galvanizer’s association Zinc Millennium Map of atmospheric corrosivity. The Millennium Map incorporates data issued by MAFF (ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), another source for evaluating climatic/atmospheric agents cited in BS 7543:2003, section A.6.3.

Why Duragalv?

More Flexibility

The Duragalv® process is more flexible and sophiscated than the previous Ultra-Galv™ 2000. Ultra-Galv™2000 which achieved a maximum 2000 gsm coating, but wthout the progressive coating thicknesses now available with the Duragalv® family. This is made possible by our controlled in-house galvanising processes.

More Economical

More Economical Inhouse Galvanising Duragalv® now enables the specifier to determine the thickness required for all areas in the UK – therefore specifying more controllable and a more economical range of coatings. Guarantees The Duragalv® new generation of post-galvanising is backed by distinctive product labels, showing tested and guaranteed coating thickness to comply with the galvanizing standard BS EN ISO 1461: 1999

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