Oldbury Library

Jones of Oswestry AQUASLOT Longitudinal Drainage Grating and Frame for paving infill installed at the town Library / Jack Judge House in Oldbury.

Jack Judge House opened in 2011 housing a new library and office facility for the town of Oldbury in the West Midlands.

Named after celebrated local man, Jack Judge, the eco-friendly building is home to the town’s library and more than 300 council staff who mainly work for adult and community services.

Born in Oldbury in 1878 of Irish heritage, Jack Judge worked in music hall and wrote the famous song         “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” in 1912 after accepting a bet that he could not write the words and music to a completely new song and perform it the following night.

The song was taken up by soldiers who had been stationed in Tipperary Barracks between 1908 and 1910 and remembered that town fondly – singing it many years later whilst disembarking and marching through the streets of Boulogne in August 1914.

After this was reported in the newspapers of the time, the song went on to become very popular and sold over a million copies in one year alone.

As part of the drainage layout Jones of Oswestry recessed AQUASLOT drainage gratingwith a continuous longitudinalslot was specified curved-on-plan to reflect the sweeping curves of the first-floor library roof.

Fabricated in mild or stainless steel, Jones of Oswestry AQUASLOT incorporates a series of recessed trays for paving infill, allowing for the continuation of the paving across the drainage area.

Available in any size, to suit any type of infill, Jones of Oswestry AQUASLOT incorporates longitudinal or transverse Disability Discrimination Act compliant drainage slots and allows full access to the drainage channel below for rodding and cleaning purposes.

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