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Curved Ventraflow at Queens Square Wolverhampton

Public Realm

The quality of product achieved by use of thicker materials and galvanising, render our recessed products for paving infill ideal for use in Public Realm projects.

From ARBORSLOT tree surrounds to SUPRABLOC, TELEBLOC or SOLOBLOC access covers and frames and AQUASLOT gratings, such material and flexibility of design avoids significant changes in pavement finish and helps reduce slip and trip risks and allows the specifier to add a little of their own personal touches to the project.

Arborslot Tree Surround with tree aperture insert at Media City Manchester

Sport & Leisure

A full range of sizes coupled with an array of accessories, including double rubber seals to deter against the escape of smells from foul chambers is the basis of our design of the SUPRATRIM recessed access cover and frame for tile / floor infill in internal situations.

Coupled with our range of SUPRASTEEL chequer plate covers for use for access to plant and equipment and the flexibility of design of our other products in external situations make the range ideal for use in such situations.

door, entry, hospital-349807.jpg

Health & Education

Alternative fabrication in mild or stainless steel across the whole range of our products means that they can be manufactured for use in all situations including where hygiene is a prime concern such as hospitals and food preparation / kitchen areas.

Compliancy, where possible, to the requirements of The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in the design of our products means that keyholes, voids and drainage slots can be specified and manufactured with these requirements in mind. 


The general quality of material and sturdiness of the design of our product and use of components together with British Standard loading categories means we can create robust products for all kinds of industrial settings.

Our range of heavy duty SUPRATRIM recessed access covers and frames for concrete infill and SUPRAGRID box section drainage gratings and frames can be specified in situations where heavier vehicles such as articulated lorries or fork lift vehicles have access.

london underground, tube, transport-4367265.jpg


The variety of our product range and choice of manufacturing material, mild steel or stainless steel, together with a wide range of accessories for all of our products in internal pedestrian and external trafficked situations give unlimited design opportunities whilst maintaining the integral strength required for use in such circumstances.

Be it for access or drainage we feel there will be a design to suit your needs. Our products are proven over decades to have stood the test of time with several cases studies available to show longevity.

leadenhall market, london, england-6664797.jpg


The optional use of stainless steel in the fabrication of our SUPRATRIM recessed access covers and frames for screed and floor finish infill make them the ideal choice for use in internal retail outlets and other aesthetically sensitive areas.

The continuation of the infill in the SUPRATRIM and the thickness of material used for the manufacture of SUPRABLOC, TELEBLOC or SOLOBLOC recessed access covers and frames also lends itself to use in external shopping areas / centres where high footfall is present.

Power & Utility

Available in larger sizes / multiple cover configurations , our SUPRAHINGE access covers and frames are ideal for use in the power and utility sector.

Boasting such features such as torsion spring assist lift and numerous options of security locking the cover can be operated by one person in difficult locations whilst also deterring unauthorised access.

london, regent street, england-526246.jpg

Historical Buildings

Use of our SUPRABLOC, TELEBLOC and SOLOBLOC recessed access covers and frames for infill purposes or AQUASISH or AQUADRAIN drainage gratings are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings

Coupled with the numerous accessories and special bespoke design criteria our products greatly enhance aesthetic appeal.

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