Wembley Stadium London

Aquaslot and Ventraflow infront of Wembley Stadium

Nestled between Wembley Stadium and the OVO Wembley Arena, Arena Square is the same size as Leicester Square and hosts Europe’s largest interactive fountain.

Opened in 2006 it was the first major piece of public realm to be completed at the new Wembley development and was designed to create a natural link between the new stadium and the iconic arena.

Having already been specified to supply recessed SUPRABLOC and TELEBLOC access covers and recessed ARBORSLOT tree surrounds to the project Jones of Oswestry were the natural choice to contribute and assist in bringing the design team’s vision to life.

The Jones of Oswestry Technical team subsequently attended numerous meetings on site to ensure compliance with the Engineers and the Contractors stringent design and performance criteria.

This resulted in Jones of Oswestry designing and fabricating a series of perforated and decorative VENTRAFLOW panels for the fountain heads / water jets giving pleasing aesthetic visuals whilst also incorporating AQUASLOT recessed drainage channels to take away the water and return it below prior to it being re-cycled for re-use.

Fabricated in mild or stainless steel the Jones of Oswestry AQUASLOT incorporates recessed trays for paving infill in single, continuous or multiple configurations and can be provided with multiple transverse drainage slots or a singular longitudinal slot for drainage purposes.

VENTRAFLOW drainage gratings can be perforated with standard slots or bespoke patterns.

Available in any size, shape or design, both Jones of Oswestry recessed AQUASLOT andperforated VENTRAFLOW drainage gratings have also been specified by numerous Landscape Architects and Engineers due to their inherent strength and quality and Disability Discrimination Act features.

Nearly 20 years later the fountains feature in the new Reed UK advert standing the test of time.

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